The Transcend Guide to Privacy

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Connect your Segment data to Transcend.

Data Automations


Identifies [1]

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Transcend performs access requests by connecting to a data warehouse Destination. Currently Transcend only supports Redshift as a destination warehouse.

Transcend performs erasure requests by connecting to Segment's GraphQL API and submitting a User Deletion and Suppression request.

Segment does not propagate DSRs to subprocessors

Please note that connecting Segment to Transcend does not extend DSR functionality to the Sources and Destinations connected to Segment. These tools must also be connected to Transcend to receive DSR automation.

Getting Started

  1. In Transcend, go to your Data Map
  2. Click Add data silo and select Segment
  3. Copy (click to copy) the email address
  4. Log in to your Segment account and enter your workspace
  5. Click SettingsTeam Settings (or click this link)
  6. Add the email address to your team
  7. Go back to Transcend and select your Segment workspace from the dropdown
  8. Select your data warehouse
  9. Enter the warehouse password
  10. Click "Connect to db"
  11. Select your schema from the dropdown (this is the Segment Source)

Note: you may need to whitelist our IP in Redshift. You can use the same guide as Segment, but use our IP ( Click here to go to the guide.


Connect your Segment data to Transcend.

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