The Transcend Guide to Privacy

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Data Subject

This is a person whose data you control or process. In the context of GDPR, it's typically referring to European citizens. They do not include corporations, only natural persons.

Data Subject Request (DSR)

This is a request by the data subject to access, erase, port, or rectify their data.

Data Subject Access Request (DSAR)

A request by the data subject to access, download, or export their personal data from your organization. Often called DSARs, or just SARs. We'll call them DSARs. On consumer-facing interfaces, we'll call them Download Requests.

Data Subject Erasure Requests

As above, but a request to erase personal data from your organization.

For other GDPR requests read this guide

Data Map

Transcend has the concept of a data map. Your data map represents all the data in your organization (including your DBs, SaaS, offline data). You can set up your data map on the Data Map Page.

Data Silos

A data map has a set of data silos. A silo might be one of your SaaS tools, a database, or even someone's offline filing cabinet.


A data silo contains a set of datapoints. (e.g. Resume, GPA, Education)