Review Silo Discovery Results

As data silos are discovered by your various connected plugins, you’ll be prompted to review them in the Silo Discovery. In the sidebar of Transcend’s Admin Dashboard, click on “Silo Discovery”.

When you open Silo Discovery, newly-discovered data silos will be accessible for review:

A list of data silos discovered

Furthermore, when you have newly-discovered data silos, this button will appear on the Data Silos tab of the Data Inventory.

27 data silos found by Silo Discovery

You can approve discovered data silos in bulk by selecting them with the checkboxes on the left, or individually by hovering over the rows. Marking them as approved will send them to Data Inventory to be configured, marking them as Junk will send them to the Junk tab. You can always retrieve them from Junk at a later time if you mark a data silo as such by mistake. If you see a data silo that is a duplicate of something that already exists in Data Inventory, you can mark it as a duplicate.

Options to approve or mark silos as junk.