May 13, 2024, 8:22 PM UTC

Local time: May 13, 2024, 8:22 PM UTC

  • New: add new Microsoft SharePoint integration.
  • Fixed: fix error when trying to scan all regions for the AWS Integration.
  • Updated: It is now possible to add a title to each Sombra gateway to make it easier to differentiate one Sombra from another.
  • New: a column showing controllerships for related data silos and datapoints has been added to the Purposes table.
  • Updated: the count of related business entities on the Data Inventory > Purposes of Processing tab now shows a preview of all the business entities, instead of just the count.
    • Purposes of Processing
  • Updated: rolled-up columns on the Business Entities table that include data from the Data Silos table now consider data for those data silos directly associated with business entities, rather than those associated with business entities via the Vendors table
  • New: business entities can be directly assigned to data silos.
    • Business entities on data silos
  • Updated: categories of recipients are editable on the Data Silos table
    • Categories of recipients
  • Updated: the route POST /v1/data-silo can now omit profiles[0].profileId from the body and this is instead pulled from within the nonce.
  • Fix: handle Google BigQuery Invalid page token during Schema Discovery
  • New: the Microsoft Sharepoint integration now supports Unstructured Discovery.
  • Updated: The Unstructured Discovery view has a new ordering for the columns and it displays the file type correctly
  • New: added exact match filter for Identifier Value to filters on Incoming Requests page
  • Updated: skip download step for Drift integration for ERASURE actions that have disabled downloadable step
  • Updated: update Looker Enricher to support updated API. Customers will need to update the enricher and include the slugs of the look, instead of selecting the query title.
  • New: added a button to re-submit assessments from any question after changes have been requested to the assessment.