Running Web Auditor Scans

  1. Visit the Web Auditor -> Runs section on the Admin Dashboard.

  2. Click "Run Web Auditor".

    Web Auditor page showing a blank state
  3. Input your URL to scan.

  4. Click "Run". You can use the default Browser Automation steps.

    Web Auditor run configuration
  5. Click "View Results".

The scan should be finished in less than a minute, and then you can see the scan results. Once the scan is complete, head over to the "Findings" tab to view any potential compliance issues:

Web Auditor scan findings

Here, you'll see an overview of findings—potential compliance problems—together with their severity level. You can drill down into the network requests or cookies that caused a finding by clicking the "View Requests" or "View Cookies" button on the finding. You can also use the "Network Requests" and "Cookies" tabs to inspect the full set of data processing activities encountered on your website.

To share the scan results, you can download a PDF of the findings in your report.

Summary report PDF

To download the summary report, click "Download" on the Runs page.

Download report button

Now that you've run your first scan, you can schedule a recurring scan. Simply visit the "Schedules" page, click "New Schedule", and set up your scan settings and the scan frequency.

If a scan failed, the "Summary" tab will show an error message detailing the error.

Depending on the error, you may need to:

  • Modify the Browser Automation steps to suit your website.
  • Allow us to scan your website if you're using bot protection technology.
  • Re-run the scan.