Data Lineage

Transcend Data Lineage

The Data Lineage feature aims to aid in data governance and oversight, allowing users to visualize data flows between different data silos.

Data Lineage with several connected elements

You have the ability to filter by data category and purpose of processing, providing a tailored view of data movements.

First, be sure you have used Data Silo Discovery to discover data systems with personal data. This will give you a starting view of Data Silos in your organization to then draw the flows of data between those systems.

In your Data Inventory > Data Silos tab, locate the Sends data to column. Input the data silos that receive data from the selected silo.

Data Inventory, "Send Data to" Column

Alternatively, you can use the Data Lineage UI to drag arrows to indicate relationships between the silos.

You can filter by purpose of processing or data category to visualize governance on the usage of data across these data silos.

Data Lineage with filter for Purposes for Processing