Self-Serve Data Subject Requests

Using the Privacy Center, you can direct your data subjects to authenticate themselves and submit data subject requests.

Your Privacy Center has a "Make a Privacy Request" button where the data subject can select what type of request they would like to make.

Submitting a DSR on The Athletic's Privacy Center

You can configure different verification methods in order to verify the identity of the individual making the request. Read more about configuration options in the data subjects and data actions section.

In addition to the self serve Privacy Center, you can also submit requests programmatically through our API, or an administrator can do so manually on the Admin Dashboard.

The data subject will receive a confirmation email when they submit a request. As the request is processed, the data subject can receive transactional emails about the progress of the request.

All email templates can be customized. See more in the Email templates section.

Email confirmation to the data subject

The data subject has the ability to cancel their request from the Privacy Center at any time. Erasure requests have a built in wait period that can give the data subject a chance to cancel their account closure.

Canceling an in progress DSR

When the end user makes a request to download their information, they data subject will be redirected back to the Privacy Center to download that zip archive.

The end-user will receive an email with a link to the Privacy Center.

Email template for completed request

The data subject can view their data from your Privacy Center. You can try a live demo by submitting a "Download my data" request

Preview data from Privacy Center

They may also download their raw data with an offline HTML report.

Download data through an offline report

Here is an example of an Access Request Zip file, with test data from Transcend, including data from Integration to service such as Amplitude,, Salesforce, Salesforce Pardot, SendGrid, Sendoso, and Zendesk.