Get consent preferences for a user at or N.B. This is not a Sombra route. This API requires a signed token including an encrypted identifier. See reference for details.



Request Parameters

Header Parameters

Authorization string
A JWT including an encrypted identifier

Query Parameters

partition string
The consent partition or bundle ID. You can find the partition value under Consent Management > Developer Settings. If this value is not set, please use your bundle ID.


200 (OK)


Returns confirmed consent preferences for this user

Response Body

purposes object(required)
confirmed boolean(required)
Was tracking consent confirmed by the user? If this is false, the consent was resolved from defaults & is not yet confirmed
timestamp string(required)
Timestamp of when consent was collected
updated boolean
Has the consent been updated (including no-change confirmation) since default resolution
prompted boolean
Whether or not the UI has been shown to the end-user (undefined in older versions of airgap.js)
usp string
US Privacy (USP) String

Response Body Example

Consent for user:

  "purposes": {
    "TestPurpose": false
  "confirmed": true,
  "timestamp": "2023-05-11T19:32:31.707Z"

204 (No Content)

No consent preferences have been confirmed for this user

400 (Bad Request)


The token could not be verified or decoded

500 (Internal Server Error)


A 500 error means the backend is having issues. You check our system status at Please reach out to Transcend support if you're experiencing this error.