A glossary of terminology used throughout the Transcend platform. These terms are typically highlighted in the documentation, where you can view the definition by hovering over it like so: (data subject).

Individual rights request, such as a request to access or delete personal data.
A request from an individual to obtain a copy of their personal data.
Any individual person whose data is being processed. Typically these are your users.
A store of data within your organization. This is any location where data is logically stored, like a database, a SaaS tool, an S3 bucket... or even a filing cabinet with paper documents!
A data object inside a data silo. For example, the Lead object in Salesforce.
A notification from our system to yours.
Why you are using this data. The purpose for collecting, storing, analyzing a type of data.
What type of data this is. For example, credit card numbers have a "Financial" data category.