Regionalized Infrastructure

Transcend is a hosted SaaS platform with optional self-hosted components. Both the Transcend-hosted and self-hosted components can be configured to run entirely within certain geographic regions. Separate regions for Transcend-hosted infrastructure have separate databases, separate processing pipelines, and separate URLs.

If you are self-hosting Sombra, you can regionalize it by:

For Transcend-hosted infrastructure, please communicate with our support teams as you onboard to make sure the services you use are in your desired region.

Most of the time when interacting with Transcend, customers do so using our Admin Dashboard. This same URL can be used with any of our backend regions. During the login step, the frontend will determine which backend it should be talking to and will exclusively talk to that backend for all subsequent requests.

If your company is currently hosted in a single region and would like to move to have multi-regional support or would like to otherwise change regions, please reach out to Transcend support. Depending on the type of Sombra/storage option you are using, the migration plan may look a bit different and may take a varying amount of time.