Developing Classifications

Both Structured and Unstructured Discovery offer classification of the data obtained from their scans.

In the classification phase, Unstructured Discovery classifies the data inside each file with data categories (the same data categories found in your Data Inventory). The system can identify a wide range of personal data, providing a detailed overview of the personal data within the data store.

We allow users to define custom regexes to help with classification. This can be done by navigating to the "Inventory" tab in the "Data Inventory" view. Here you can add, edit, and delete custom regexes to help with classification for each data category.

Adding custom regexes to help with classification

The custom regexes you define here will be used to help with classification in Structured Discovery. If a column in your data silo matches a custom regex, it will be classified as the data category you have defined in the "Data Inventory" view.

The results will appear with the labeled method of classification as "Regex Matching" in the "Datapoints" view in Structured Discovery.

Classification Methods for each datapoint