Assessments and the Data Inventory

If you perform assessments against items in the Data Inventory, such as running vendor risk assessments, you have the option of linking assessments to those items in the Data Inventory.

To create a new custom field to link with an existing assessment template, click the "New Custom Field" button at the bottom of the second sidebar panel.

New Custom Field Button

First, you’ll want to enter the name and description of your new custom field. The name will appear in every table this custom field is associated with. The custom fields will appear as columns in all the tables selected.

For custom fields which link to assessments, we recommend using the name of the assessment template you’re using, plus the word “Status” (e.g., “DPIA Status”).

Under Table Visibility, you can choose which tables you’d like this custom field to appear in. You can choose as many tables as it makes sense for you.

Table visibility checkboxes

The most important step is to set the Type to “Assessment” and to select the desired assessment templates to be used for the custom field. Remember to click on "Save changes" to confirm your changes to the custom field.

Type Assessments in Custom Fields

If you'd like to track the status of several assessments, feel free to create new custom fields for each assessment template.

After you've configured your custom fields, you can visit the tables that you selected under "Table Visibility" to check your newly added custom field.

Within the desired table, you can select the specific assessment related to each row of the table as pictured below.

Data Inventory > Inventory view of custom field column

As assessments move through their statuses, their respective custom fields will update in the selected tables to display their current status.