Creating and Assigning an Assessment

Once you have your Assessment Templates set up the way you want them, you can start creating assessments and assigning them to your coworkers.

In the Browse tab of Assessments, click on the “New Assessment” button.

A dialog will appear where you can choose what kind of assessment you would like to create.

Choose the template you’d like to use.

Next you’ll need to specify which item from the table associated with this template you’d like the assessment done for. In this instance, the DPIA template is linked to Purposes of Processing, so purposes will appear here. This could be content from any other table in Transcend however depending on how your Assessment Attribute is configured.

Next assign whomever on your team at Transcend will need to fill out this assessment.

Click “Request New Assessment” to create the assessment document.

First up, you’ll want to name this assessment. This name should give enough context to the assignee that they’ll know what the assessment is about. Once you’re done naming, you can hit save, or feel free to fill in details of the template.

Once the assessment is saved, the status of the template will appear here, it will default to “Draft” but can be updated to other status as progress continues. On the right you can now see collaborators, an edit button, and a copy link button if you’d like to send the assessment to someone else manually.

If you click the back button, you’ll now be able to see your new assessment in the assessments table, scrolling to the right will reveal the assignee and status of the assessment. You can reassign or change the status here as well.