Status Attributes

If you skipped associating your new Assessment Template with a Table Attribute, you can always do that from the Attributes section under Infrastructure > Attributes. You can also make changes to existing Assessment Attributes here.

To create a new Assessment Attribute to link with an existing Assessment Template, click the “New Attribute” button at the bottom of the second sidebar panel.

First you’ll want to enter the name and description of your attribute. The name will appear in every table this Assessment Attribute is associated with at the top of a column.

For Assessment Attributes, we recommend using the name of the Assessment Template you’re using, plus the word “Status”. E.G. “DPIA Status”.

For table visibility, you can choose which tables you’d like this assessment template to appear in. You can choose as many tables as it makes sense for you.

The most important step is to set the Attribute Type to “Assessment”.

Next up, choose the template you’d like to use for this Assessment document. You can choose only one template type per Assessment Attribute.

Lastly set the default status for the Assessment Attribute. Choosing this setting will make every row where this attribute is present either display as “Required” or “Not Required” by default.