Data privacy programs tend to include several different types of assessments, from vendor risk assessments to data protection agreements, and project risk assessments.

In order to get started, you’ll want to set up some templates to be used in your organization. To do so, navigate to the Assessments page, and click on the Templates tab.

To create your templates, simply click the “New Template” button in the top right corner of the screen.

Give your template a name that is easily recognizable, as it will be referenced throughout Transcend when creating assessments based on this template. In the screenshot below, we have pre-populated a few sections and questions to show you how it will look.

From the template editor, you are able to do several things:

  1. Create new sections
  2. Create new questions
  3. Preview the template
  4. Save or discard the template

Sections are used to organize questions thematically. For example, a section within a DPIA template could focus on identifying possible risks. Within that section, there could be specific questions to assess the sources, likelihood, and impact of risks.

To create a new section, click on + Add New Section at the bottom of the left sidebar. This will add a new section to the list within that sidebar. You will then be prompted to add a section title.

Each section can include several questions. These questions can be customized in a few ways: you can choose the question type, decide whether the question requires an answer, and add a description. There will be additional customization in the near future.

To create a new question, expand the section where you'd like your question to be, and click on + Add New Question below that section. This will add a new question within that section, and you will then be prompted to customize the question to your liking.

Being able to preview a template allows you to adjust the template more granularly by seeing what the assignee will see.

Once your template is complete, you can preview how it looks by clicking on the Preview button above the left sidebar. This will show you how the template will look to assignees.

Once you have completed your template, you have several options to save it. You can decide to Save & Publish the template, or you can click on the menu button next to it to see additional options such as Save as Draft or Save as New Template. If you would like to discard the changes you made to the template, you can click on Discard next to Save & Publish.

Save & Publish will save the template and make it available to be used to generate assessments. If you'd like to save your changes but not make it available for assessments, you can choose Save as Draft, whereas if you would like to save your changes as a separate template, you can click on Save as New Template.

Once you have saved your new template, it will appear in the Template tab as shown below. Congratulations on creating your first template!

To use your new templates, the next thing you will do is navigate to the Assessments tab and start creating and assigning your first assessments. For more information, see Creating an Assessment.