Data Reports

Data Reports are designed to allow you to create custom filtered CSV exports of any table in your Data Inventory. This is ideal for generating a ROPA or similar report for a governing body that has just the information being requested and nothing more. When you create a Data Report, your filter settings are saved so that the next time you need to generate the report, all you need to do is click download for a fresh export from your Data Inventory.

To get started, navigate to Data Inventory → Data Reports in Transcend's Admin Dashboard sidebar.

How to find the Data Reports feature

Next, select the "New Data Report" button in the top right corner of the screen.

Where to create a Data Report

Name your report something that will help you recognize the report's purpose in the future. For example, if this Data Report is for a ROPA, name it "GDPR ROPA".

How to name your Data Report

Choose which tables from Data Inventory you'd like to be included in your report. You'll be able to filter out columns and rows during later steps. You'll notice each item here corresponds to a tab in Data Inventory.

How to choose which tables to use in your Data Report

Next, you'll be able to see a live preview of each table one by one, and select what data you want included.

Table Export Preview

You can choose which columns to include by selecting the columns button on the right.

Select Columns for Export

Use the filter bar to further refine which rows you would like to appear in this export.

Filter rows from your export

Scroll down and click the "Next" button to repeat this process for each table you selected for your export. When you're happy, you can either save and exit or choose to download your report right away.

Caution: don't navigate away from the Data Reports view while your report is downloading or your download may not complete properly.

Save or download your report

To make changes to your data report, click the blue text in the "Export Settings" column to walk through your export settings and click "Save and Exit" when you're happy with your changes.

Change Data Report Export Settings

You can rename your Data Report by clicking on its name in the main Data Reports table and editing the text.

You can delete a Data Report by selecting it in the main Data Reports table and clicking the "Delete Data Report" button on the top right of the screen.

Deleting a Data Report

Whenever you click the "Download" button on a data report, a fresh report is compiled with the latest information available from Data Inventory. All the filters that you have set are automatically applied without having to go through the report settings again. This can be useful for reports that need to be sent out on a regular basis.

Redownloading a Data Report