Data Inventory

Data Inventory is your live-updated base truth of all data silos, objects, vendors, purposes, and other metadata.
Transcend Data Inventory

Before you can fully govern your data, you first need to know where that data is. Transcend Data Inventory is a live view of your data systems and their data objects inside them. It is the base-truth representation of the data in your business, representing what data you collect, how it's used, and where it goes.

Diagram showing relationships between data silos, datapoints, and subdatapoints

The Data Inventory can be automatically populated via data discovery, using Transcend's suite of discovery products:

  • Silo Discovery finds your databases, SaaS tools, and vendors.
  • Structured Discovery scans your databases and SaaS tools and classifies the data stored inside them, right down to the field or column level.
  • Unstructured Discovery scans your unstructured file stores to find and classify personal data inside documents.