Infrastructure as code

At Transcend, we created two dev tools to make discovering and governing personal data easier and more streamlined. Our Terraform Provider and CLI tool let you create data silos, manage API keys, update enrichers, auto-generate configurations to upload to Transcend, and more. Read about why we built our Terraform Provider and CLI here.

Use Transcend's Terraform provider to encode privacy directly into your stack: connect an integration, label and classify personal data, update enrichers, securely connect to internal databases directly in code.

Use Transcend's Command Line Interface (CLI) to directly label your personal data (their classifications, purpose of processing and more) in code and sync this data to Transcend. If you already know these classifications, save time and bypass the need to triage and train classifications within the Transcend Admin Dashboard. Simply encode this privacy data directly in your schema definitions, extracting the data into a YAML file and then sync to Transcend through CLI.

Read more and get started here.