Adding and editing Data Flows

Once live, add/edit Data Flows as needed

Once Consent is live on your production site, you will be able to read important metrics from your dashboard and add or classify new Data Flows, as needed:

1. Adding a new Data Flow

As your website changes, you may need to adjust the data flows that Consent is regulating (eg. your Marketing Team adds a new analytics tool)

Add a new Data Flow by clicking on the ‘Add Data Flow’ button in ‘Data Flows’ above the list view. Populate in the domain, purpose, service, and other associated information. Once your changes and additions have been inputted, click “Set Changes Live” in the top right corner to sync these changes to your website.

2. Reviewing an auto-classified Data Flow

As we collect telemetry data about your website, we’ll automatically suggest new data flows and guess their tracking purpose(s) for you.

Why might there be new data flows, you ask? It could be that we missed these initially when we were first setting up the consent manager, or maybe you or some other team have added new widgets/scripts to the site without first updating the Consent data flows.

These auto-classified data flows show up in your Data Flows table with the “Needs Review” tag and are highlighted in yellow:

These data flows are not yet included in your “live” airgap.js bundles until you have “reviewed” them. To review, click on the highlighted row. You should see a modal pop up:

If the information looks correct to you, click “Approve”. Sometimes we are not able to guess the associated tracking purpose and Service info, so you’ll have to manually add that information.

What’s Next