Global Privacy Control (GPC)

The Global Privacy Control (GPC) is a formal specification of the "opt-out preference signal" referenced in the CCPA regulations and CPRA.

The Attorney General of California has declared support for the Global Privacy Control (GPC) signal, and has already begun enforcing non-compliance with it.

Transcend Consent Management automatically detects the Global Privacy Control signal and opts users out of the sale and sharing of their personal information. Specifically, airgap.js will check whether the website visitor has navigator.globalPrivacyControl set to true in their browser.

When a user has the GPC signal enabled, the consent manager interface will also confirm to the user that their signal has been detected, and they have been automatically opted out.

To show that your website respects the Global Privacy Control signal, it's recommended to host a well-known file on your website. Adding this is completely optional, and has no interaction with Transcend Consent.

At /.well-known/gpc.json, respond with:

  "gpc": true,
  "lastUpdate": "2021-05-27"

Set lastUpdate to your date of implementation, for versioning purposes.