Custom Domain Alias

By default, we serve all the static assets relating to Transcend Consent (Javascript, CSS, HTML files) from a Transcend CDN. The two most important assets are:

  • airgap.js: Core Javascript module which collects and enforces user consent.
  • Sync Endpoint: A HTML file that can facilitate syncing of consent records across subdomains.

The HTML snippet present in your Consent Settings Installation tab displays the corresponding parameters:

  • src: the url at which airgap.js is hosted.
  • data-sync-endpoint: the url at which the sync endpoint is hosted.

We offer the ability to easily serve all Consent assets from your own custom domain! There are a several advantages doing this:

  • Avoids any potential impact of Transcend being categorized as a tracker by a browser extension or other client-side technology.
  • Allows consent to be synced across subdomains of where the sync endpoint is hosted.
    • If you want to sync across and, then you need to host your syncEndpoint at (we recommend being explicit with your subdomain naming, but any subdomain of would work for hosting the sync endpoint).
    • If you want to sync across and, then you need to host your syncEndpoint at

Thanks to “CNAME Flattening”, this custom domain alias solution was tested to be on average as fast as direct reference to the Transcend hosted script.

If you want to host airgap.js, follow the steps below

  1. Contact Transcend if your alias domain is different from your main domain - If your custom domain is different from the root domain used to set up your Transcend account, get in touch with your CX contact and share your urls so they can be allow-listed.
  2. CNAME Setup - Depending on your need, create CNAME entries for the following
  • Pointing to to load airgap modules.
  • Pointing to to load the sync endpoint.
  • For example, if you are running Transcend Consent on, we would recommend using for airgap modules, and for the sync endpoint, so that you can sync consent state across subdomains of
  1. Update Custom Domain in Admin Dashboard
  • Navigate to Developer Settings > Installations.
  • Configure your custom domain and custom sync domains. If setting up multiple sync domains, you can choose which one to use as the “default” sync endpoint that is configured for your bundle.
  • Continuing from the example step 2, you would use for airgap.js & Other Consent Modules Domain, and for Client-side Sync Endpoints.
  • At this point, click the Test button to ensure that everything resolves correctly using these new custom domains!

  1. Update your airgap script - Once your Transcend contact confirms your url is allowed, update the src or data-sync-endpoint parameter in your airgap loading script and you are set!
  • Note: If you are only using a single sync endpoint, that endpoint will be included in your bundle configuration by default, and you do not need to explicitly specify data-sync-endpoint.