Creating Data Flows

Data flows are request matchers that can be used to assign tracking purposes onto matching requests.

These are hosts, such as and [::1]. The data flow creation dialog automatically extracts hosts from any absolute or any-protocol URL.

These are full or partial URL paths. The following examples show the allowed formats:

  • Absolute:
  • Any-protocol: //
  • Same-site: /path/to/resource (this only matches for requests to the same site as the current page)
  • Any-site: ///path/to/resource

NOTE: When creating a data flow using the any-protocol syntax (//, two data flows will be created: one HOST type and one PATH type to better support generated Content Security Policies (CSP).

These are URL query parameters, such as ?utm_source. Value constraints can be added to matchers, such as ?utm_source=example, which will match requests that have the query parameter utm_source starting with the value example.

These matchers can be used to match any part of a request, and are applied against full URLs. An example of a regular expression matcher is ^https?://example\.com/path/to/resource, which will match requests starting with or