Consent & quarantine sync

airgap.js supports synchronizing consent and metadata data over two modalities: client-side and server-side. Client-side sync can also be used to synchronize quarantine data.

airgap.js supports privately synchronizing consent, metadata, and quarantine data across same-site cross-domain hosts using Transcend XDI.

⚠️ XDI sync is not available in Safari

airgap.js 9.2 and later support storing consent and metadata in cookies for browsers that don't support private same-site cross-domain data sharing, such as Safari. To allow the use of cookie-based consent sync as a fallback when XDI sync is unsupported, set data-local-sync="allow-network-observable" on your airgap.js script tag.

Cookie-based sync requires that you set the data-site attribute on your airgap.js script tag configure what domain to associate the cookie with. All subdomains of the domain specified in the data-site attribute will be able to read the cookie.

Alternatively, the data-sites attribute can be used to specify a space-separated list of multiple sites, and the appropriate site will be selected based on the current page's domain. data-sites is ignored whenever data-site is specified.

Consent information and metadata can be stored in and restored from a backend server, enabling logged-in users to persist consent across sessions and browsers.