Transcend stores the following anonymous analytics data from consent manager telemetry sent to

  • Privacy-preserving statistics about encountered requests, including:
    • Hostname
    • Protocol scheme
  • Statistics about encountered cookies, including:
    • Cookie name
    • Cookie domain
    • Cookie attributes (e.g. expiration date, path scope, etc.)
    • (Rarely) cookie value, whenever cookie name is empty (used as 'flag' cookies)
  • Statistics about request regulation rules
  • Amount of encountered requests
  • Consent statistics
    • The consent values (e.g. {‘Analytics’: true}) that are being set
    • How user consent is affecting requests — allowed/blocked stats per tracking purpose
  • Detected user-applicable privacy legal regimes (e.g. CPRA, GDPR, etc.)
  • Detected active user privacy signals (e.g. Global Privacy Control, Do-Not-Track, etc.)
  • Cumulative amount of browser sessions — measured as cumulative unique sessionStorage contexts
  • Amount of pageviews on your site
  • Amount of bounces on your site
  • Content Security Policy (CSP) violation data (including violation origins) from our consent manager’s optional dynamic CSP feature. In order to disable this feature, specify data-csp="off" on your airgap.js script tag or set the Unknown Request Policy in your Admin Dashboard to Allow.
  • Internal error system states, which does not contain personally identifiable information or unique session identifiers
  • Originating site hostname (e.g. the hostname of the site that airgap.js is installed on)
  • Consent manager bundle ID
  • airgap.js version number

AWS CloudFront incidentally stores temporary networking artifacts which may include user agent and IP address information of your users.

A 'session' is defined as a unique sessionStorage context. In most browsers, each tab gets a unique sessionStorage cache which is persisted until the tab or browser is closed, and is optionally restored when the tab is un-closed or the browser is restarted.

A 'bounce' is a pagehide event during the first pageview in a session, except when the user has recently interacted with the page in the last 600ms.

The bounce counter debounce threshold can be configured by specifying data-bd-interaction-threshold="[time in ms]" on the airgap.js script element.