Transcend Consent Onboarding

Transcend Consent is a client-side Consent Management Platform (CMP) that lets you manage tracking events generated by third-party trackers integrated into your site. With it your site can allow some tracking events, and quarantine others and replay them only if and when your user later consents, at an appropriate place in their user journey. You can also block unwanted tracking events entirely.

Setting up the Transcend Consent includes:

  1. Initial set up and Data Flow collection
  2. Configuring your Data Flows
  3. Configuring your UI. This can include custom UI or integrating Transcend’s prebuilt UI banners into an appropriate place in your user journey
  4. Setting it live!

With optional steps:

  1. Debugging and testing with the user script
  2. Creating an API endpoint in your backend to store the consent information generated by the Consent Manager. This is applicable if you want to store user consent information yourself (vs. stored with Transcend).

For small sites, we recommend that you do these steps in sequence. For larger sites, you may need to do them somewhat in parallel. Reach out to Transcend Support if you have questions about your rollout plan.

Maintenance of the Transcend Consent involves:

  1. Adding and classifying new data flows
  2. Understanding the ongoing analytics

How Transcend Consent works

Transcend Consent manages tracking events by communicating with the Transcend airgap.js Javascript library, which needs to be integrated to your site. This JS code snippet runs on your site and regulates outgoing requests based on the user consent and a set of configured “Data Flows”. A Data Flow represents some network request sent from your website, with some associated tracking purposes. It’s information about where data is flowing from your site, and why.

For example, if your site makes requests to with user data for the purpose of advertising, our consent manager considers this a Data Flow with the value of and the associated tracking purpose of Advertising. Transcend Consent would block the request(s) to if your user hasn’t consented to giving up their data for the Advertising tracking purpose, or allow it if the user has given consent to Advertising tracking purposes.

A critical part of correctly implementing Consent is to label your site’s Data Flows correctly. This can be a sizable effort for any given website, but fortunately Consent is built with telemetry collection which makes this task easy.

What’s Next