Telemetry configuration

Transcend Consent sends telemetry about encountered data flows and cookies to Transcend. This telemetry data is used to populate the data flow and cookie triage views in the Transcend Consent dashboard.

Currently, we do not yet annotate telemetry data to differentiate between unknown events and events that match non-hostname rules (e.g. regular expressions and path matchers).

In order to filter out known regulated non-hostname/cookie name events, you can use our telemetry suppression APIs.

In a future version of Transcend Consent, we will automatically filter this telemetry data so that it does not end up in the triage view on the Transcend Consent dashboard.

Telemetry can be suppressed on a per-event basis using regular expressions and/or runtime conditions.

Define airgap.suppressTelemetry.{requests, cookies}: RegExp[] prior to airgap.js initialization to suppress telemetry for specific events whose URLs or cookie names match listed regular expressions.

Define airgap.suppressTelemetry.requestConditions: ((event: PendingEvent) => boolean)[] prior to airgap.js initialization to suppress telemetry based on runtime conditions. Return true in a handler function to suppress telemetry for a specific event.

The following example demonstrates suppressing telemetry for known events using all of our suppression APIs.

self.airgap = {
suppressTelemetry: {
requests: [
// Suppress telemetry for requests ending in ".webm"
cookies: [
// Suppress telemetry for cookies starting with "test_"
requestConditions: [
// Suppress telemetry for requests triggered by <video> elements
(event) => instanceof HTMLVideoElement,