Analytics Dashboard

The Consent dashboard defaults to your analytics. Here you can see changes in:

  1. Your website's sessions. A 'session' is defined as a unique sessionStorage context. In most browsers, each tab gets a unique sessionStorage context which is persisted until the tab is closed, and is optionally restored when the tab is un-closed or the browser is restarted.

  2. Your website’s bounces. A 'bounce' is defined as a pagehide event during the first pageview in a session, except when the user has recently interacted with the page.

  3. Your visitor’s consent choices. This bar graph details the number of consent changes for tracking purposes including: Functional, Analytics, Advertising, Acknowledgement or Do Not Sell.

  4. Requests made to your website, classified by purpose. Based on how you have classified your Data Flows, requests made, allowed and blocked on your side will be aggregated here.