DSR Automation

DSR Automation is your all-in-one solution for deleting and returning personal data, across every system, at any scale.

Transcend DSR Automation fully handles the end-to-end process of a data subject request: receiving the request, authenticating requestors, running preflight checks to confirm the request can be processed, and executing an export or deletion job across all data systems. It also synchronizes user opt-outs across disparate tooling (such as syncing unsubscribes across email marketing systems).

Transcend DSR Automation works with every data system. For unstructured stores, like Slack, Transcend scans for personal data and helps you redact messages in bulk.

With Transcend's catalog of pre-built connectors, you can quickly encode these workflows across your backend and vendor stack. They run with precision and can execute autonomously. Unless you have a manual step in your process, such as an admin approval, you can expect Transcend to execute your requests in minutes.