DNS Record Configurations

In many cases, you'll want to have your emails sent from an internal email address. To do this, you will need to grant Transcend the ability to send emails from a domain you own, by having your IT team configure 5 DNS records of types TXT, CNAME and MX.

  1. Navigate to your Email Domains page.

  2. Determine the subdomain that we should send and receive emails for. We recommend that you grant us permission of the privacy.<company.com> subdomain, so emails would be sent from the address automation@privacy.<company.com>. If you want to send/receive emails from a different subdomain, toggle the "Custom Domain" option.

  3. Copy the DNS records from Transcend and configure them on your end.

  4. Once the records are set, you will see the status update to "Verified" from the Transcend Admin Dashboard. Note: after updating the records, it may take a couple of hours until the status updates.

Screenshot of the Email Domains screen