Testing a new integration

  1. Select your integration from the Integrations view. Select the "Manage Datapoints" tab and ensure that your integration is enabled for the event type you want to test.

    datapoints in an integration
  2. Manually submit a Data Subject Request through the Admin Dashboard or the Privacy Center. If you are submitting the request through the Admin Dashboard, you may want to mark the request as a test request.

  3. After the request is submitted, go to the Incoming Requests page and click on your request. Navigate to the "Integrations" tab and find your integration. (Note these integrations won't show up until the identity verification and enrichment processes has been completed)

    DSR Automation, Integrations view
  4. Once the request is authenticated, your integration should begin processing immediately. If you ever need to restart the processing for a given integration, you can do so by clicking into it and selecting the "Wipe and retrigger" button in the top left hand corner.

    DSR Automation, Wipe and Retrigger view
  5. Erasure requests have a slightly unique workflow. During the compiling phase, an ACCESS request is performed to determine the set of accounts/files that need to be removed. If you have a webhook integration, you will notice the initial event type is ACCESS. The request then enters a configured delayed period before erasing any data. During this time, you can review the files that were found. You can skip this delay period by navigating to the "Status" tab and clicking the "Begin Compiling" button. This will cause the request to enter the erasure state and begin sending ERASURE event types.

    DSR Automation, begin compiling view