DSR Job / Integration Statuses

In order to fully process the DSR, Transcend first matches the user’s data in all the different relevant systems (i.e., data silos). During this data processing step, our integrations submit the request on behalf of the user to those different remote systems and make the corresponding API call to act on the data (download, delete, opt out, etc.).

Each data system can be in one of the states listed in the Job Status Table.

LabelDescriptionRetried After*
QueuedThe job is queued for processing.N/A
Waiting on ResponseThe job is waiting for the system to run some asynchronous processes24 hour
SkippedProcessing was skipped because the record was no longer found (if skipping continuously occurs, there may be a deeper issue).N/A
ErrorAn error has occurred.24 hours
ReadyThe job has run successfully for that stage of the request.N/A
Action RequiredThe job requires attention.7 days
ProcessingThe job has been ingested by our SQS task queue and is in line to be processed.12 hours
Waiting on DependenciesThe job is waiting for some dependencies to be resolved before continuing,N/A
Integration DisconnectedThe data silo has disconnected and cannot begin processing.N/A
Waiting on Request TransitionThe request cannot begin processing yet.N/A
Canceled since Request ClosedThe request is not in a building state, so all jobs are canceled.N/A
Waiting on Manual EntryThe job is waiting on some manual entry.Depends on the integration. Default is 30 days.

* If left in this state for too long, the job will be retried at a maximum after this amount of time. In some cases, it may be retried sooner.

For status updates, we will periodically poll a given data silo to check if the job has completed; your organization will not receive a direct webhook from that data silo, and all requests are initiated by Transcend and proxied through your gateway.

You can view the status of each system by going to the "Integrations" tab of that request in the Admin Dashboard.

Integrations tab of a specific data subject request in the Admin Dashboard