DSR Request Statuses & Origins

The status of the request along the pipeline can be found under the "Status" tab of the request. The full set of DSR statuses that exist in the platform today include:

Request MadeREQUEST_MADEThe DSR was just submitted.
Verification FailedFAILED_VERIFICATIONEmail or phone 2FA failed. The request was canceled because it was not confirmed.
CanceledCANCELEDThe request was canceled by an administrator or webhook rule.
RevokedREVOKEDThe request was canceled by the data subject.
PreflightENRICHINGPreflight jobs are actively being run. This includes business-logic checks and identity enrichment
On HoldON_HOLDThe request has been placed on hold and is pending manual review by a member of your team.
WaitingWAITINGThe request is in a waiting state to give an opportunity for the request to be canceled if a mistake.
CompilingCOMPILINGThe request is looking up any data on the user and/or apply any user preferences across the stack.
Waiting for approvalAPPROVINGThe request has compiled and is pending a manual review before completion.
CompletedCOMPLETEDThe request has been fully processed and completed across the stack.
DownloadableDOWNLOADABLEAccess only: the compiled data is available for download by the data subject over a 2-week period.
View categoriesVIEW_CATEGORIESAccess only: the request is not available for download, but its associated data collection categories are made available to the data subject for review over a 2-week period.
Delaying executionDELAYEDErasure only: request is pending deletion. The data pending deletion can be downloaded by the data subject, and the deletion request can be canceled.
Approval after data removedSECONDARY_APPROVINGErasure only: the data deletion is completed but notification to data subject is pending approval.
Removing dataSECONDARYErasure only: the deletion jobs are being executed across the stack. At this point, the deletion cannot be canceled.
Data removedSECONDARY_COMPLETEDErasure only: deletion request has been successfully completed in full.

You can filter requests in the "Incoming Requests" tab of the Admin Dashboard based on how the request was received, also known as its origin. The origin can be one of the following:

APIAPIThe DSR was received through the Transcend API submitted.
Privacy CenterPRIVACY_CENTERThe user authenticated themselves and submitted the request through your Privacy Center
Admin DashboardADMIN_DASHBOARDThe request was submitted manually by an admin or other employee.