Review and approve a request (optional)

By default, all DSR workflows come with an approval step at the end, right before the report is sent off to the end-user. Once you're comfortable with Transcend's automatically generated responses, you can remove this step and put Transcend on autopilot in your DSR settings.

From the "Incoming Requests" view, select a specific request to view its details. In the "Integrations" tab, select an integration to check its datapoints with their respective files. Click a file, and it will be decrypted for you to see. You may be prompted to log in again, because your Sombra security gateway may require a fresh authentication before allowing file decryption. Note: your Transcend account needs the appropriate permissions to view any data.

To approve, select the "Report" tab and click the "Approve and Send" button at the bottom. The data subject will receive an email with instructions to view their report in the Privacy Center. More information on this process can be found in the Self-serve data subject requests section.

You are also able to assign owners to specific integrations. This allows for a more streamlined and organized workflow where any questions regarding why a request is not resolved can be debugged through communication channels with the designated person(s) in charge.

In order to assign owners to an integration, navigate to the "Integrations" tab of the Admin Dashboard. Click the specific integration to view its details, and on the bottom-right "Owner" section click "Assign Owner". Then, select the desired team members and click "Update Assignees". You may assign multiple people to an integration, and also invite new individuals via email if needed.

Back in the main integrations catalog, you will be able to see at a glance the owners of each integration through the user avatar icons denoted on each card.

You can put a request on autopilot by removing the admin approval step in the "Request Settings" tab of the Admin Dashboard. Click the edit button for the relevant data subject request type, and disable the toggle for "Approval Before Send". This optional approval step will then be skipped, and Transcend will automatically send the data subject their report.