Manually submit a privacy request

If you plan to receive data subject requests through other channels, such as a custom interface, by phone, by mail, or through support, you can enter those requests manually into the Transcend Admin Dashboard.

Navigate to Incoming Requests. You will need to login using SSO or username/password. Click the "New Request" button on the right side of the page.

Start by selecting what type of data subject is making the request (i.e. account holder vs email subscriber), and what type of request that person wants to make (i.e. Download my data or erase my data).

Next, type out the email address of the person making the request, as well as any other request identifiers you have collected to identify the user. Note: you should only submit verified request identifiers as these values will be used to look up or remove data on behalf of that user.

When entering a request directly into Transcend, you are bypassing the Privacy Center authentication step. Make sure the data subject has proven their identity to you, and has a valid claim to these identifiers. If you have a Privacy Center, and want Transcend to authenticate this data subject, please direct the data subject to submit their request through your Privacy Center.

Lastly, you can select a couple of additional options when submitting a request:

  1. Silent mode - when turn on, the request is processed silently and no email are ever sent to the data subject
  2. Test mode - the request is marked as test in order to be filtered out for auditing/reporting purposes

In addition to manually submitting requests on the Admin Dashboard, the can allow the data subject to submit these requests self-serve through the Privacy Center, or you can also submit requests programmatically through our API.