Review and approve a request

Review the response report and approve it.


Approval is an optional step.

By default, all DSR workflows come with an approval step at the end, right before the report is sent off to the end-user. Once you're comfortable with Transcend's automatically generated responses, you can remove this step and put Transcend on autopilot in your DSR settings.

Review the data

In the Privacy Requests view, select the Data Map tab and choose a data silo.

In the data silo, select a datapoint with files. To view the file, click the file and it will be decrypted for you to view. Note this may prompt you to log in again, as your Sombra Gateway may require a fresh authentication before allowing you to decrypt the files. Note: your Transcend account needs the appropriate permissions to view any data.

Approve and Send

Select the Report tab and click Approve and Send.

The data subject will receive an email instructing them to view their report in the privacy center. More information on this process can be found in the Self-serve data subject requests section.


You can put a request on autopilot by removing the admin approval step. This step will then be skipped, and Transcend will automatically send the Data Subject their report.