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Wiring up a custom data silo

Connect data from any server to Transcend via our HTTP API

In order to connect custom-built systems to Transcend, it is often best to implement your own logic. This guide will help you connect data from any server to Transcend via our HTTP API.

What's involved

There are three steps to integrating your server with Transcend:

1. Receive a webhook
Transcend will send a notification to your server for each new Data Subject RequestData Subject Request - (DSR) This is a request by the data subject to access, erase, port, or rectify their personal data. It also includes objections to the processing of personal data and requests to restrict the processing of personal data..

2. Look up and operate on user data
Your server will need to find the user specified by the WebhookWebhook - A webhook is an event notification in the form of an HTTP POST request from one server (the emitter) to another (the listener). It contains a request body with information about the event. The receiving server (the listener) can respond to the POST request with a response body (this is often referred to as a callback). and perform an operation such as retrieving or deleting their personal data.

3. Upload to our API
Use our API to respond to Transcend. For an access request, this means uploading data. For an erasure request, this means notifying Transcend of a successful erasure.


Rather than building one behemoth process for all the data in your company, it's ideal to break things up into logical data silos and let Transcend act as the master process. Transcend factors out the complexities like message queuing, optimization, identity verification, error handling, automatic retries, and the overall orchestration process.

An ideal architecture is where each team is responsible for its Transcend integration. This makes your company's privacy solution highly scalable. As new infrastructure gets built, new data silos are added to Transcend. This also prevents a scenario where one team is responsible for updating a single script whenever new projects are deployed.

This way, custom logic is extremely simple and all the complexity of workflows and managing the master process is left to Transcend.

End-to-End Encryption

In an access request, the data from your systems get bundled by Transcend for the end-user to download. The data is encrypted before arriving at Transcend by our encryption gateway, called Sombra. You don't need to know more than this, but if you're curious to learn about how Sombra works, you can read more here: Sombra (End-to-End Encryption)

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Wiring up a custom data silo

Connect data from any server to Transcend via our HTTP API

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