Full Stack Consent

Users can submit different opt-out/opt-in requests via Transcend. Our API provides a simple way to look up the user's latest opt-out/opt-in status, using the user's unique identifier.

Endpoint reference: Lookup Opt Out Statuses

  1. Have a list of identifiers that you wish to look up the opt-out statuses for, along with the relevant opt-out action type.
  2. Upload these identifiers to your internal Sombra application at POST /v1/opt-out-statuses:
POST /v1/opt-out-statuses
  "identifiers": [
    { "value": "no-track@example.com", "type": "email" },
      "value": "pls-no-track@example.com",
      "type": "email"
  "actionType": "TRACKING_OPT_OUT"
authorization"Bearer {{dataSiloApiKey}}"
x-sombra-authorization (self-hosted Sombra only)"Bearer {{sombraApiKey}}"