The Comprehensive Privacy Platform

Transcend encodes privacy into your tech stack. Our platform is built to give both legal and engineering a single system that maps complex privacy requirements on one side to a complex tech stack on the other.

Transcend maps privacy requirements into your tech stack.

As privacy requirements and your tech stack rapidly evolve, Transcend keeps you on top. Using a massive catalog of pre-built system connectors, Transcend plugs into every database, SaaS tool, unstructured store, client interface, and codebase to generate a live map of all data and automate all privacy workflows.

From uncovering new data systems and schema, to capturing and enforcing user opt-outs, to globally deleting and exporting a person's data across your stack, Transcend is built to scale every privacy workflow to complete automation. In fact, each month, Transcend executes millions of user deletions and governs billions of tracking events across thousands of data systems.

This is Transcend's full stack: it powers all privacy operations without ever having access to your systems' API keys or underlying data.

Transcend is extraordinarily connected across your data stack, and that must come with extraordinary security measures. Rather than ask you to simply trust Transcend with your business data, we use a secure-by-design architecture that ensures that Transcend cannot see your data, does not have direct access to your systems, and cannot arbitrarily operate on your data.

We built Sombra as a proxy layer that keeps all of your data end-to-end encrypted. Your data stays between you and your users.

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The Admin Dashboard is your Transcend control panel, sitting at the hub of all products. It makes it simple for legal and engineering to collaborate on privacy projects through a single easy-to-use interface.

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Check out our Concepts guide to understand the core Transcend data models, terminology, and how systems are mapped into Transcend.


General information that is useful across all Transcend product offerings.

Data Inventory

Data Inventory is your live-updated base truth of all data silos, objects, vendors, purposes, and other metadata.

Data Lineage

Data Lineage is a real-time view of data flows, mapping the relationship between data silos.

Silo Discovery

Silo Discovery leverages pre-built plugins to scan, discover, and automatically catalog all data silos.

Structured Discovery

Structured Discovery continuously detects and classifies all objects and properties inside a given database.

Unstructured Discovery

Unstructured Discovery uncovers and classifies personal data living in non-conventional data models, for comprehensive governance.

DSR Automation

DSR Automation is your all-in-one solution for deleting and returning personal data, across every system, at any scale.

Consent Management

Consent Management collects consent and automates enforcement across every interface, from websites to mobile apps.

Preference Store

Preference Store syncs user consent across any device, with a singular log of all user preference events.

Privacy Center

Privacy Center is a secure portal that gives your users an intuitive, self-serve way to exercise their data rights.

Web Auditor

Web Auditor scans and identifies compliance violations with AdTech signals.


Centralize DPIAs, TIAs and PRD reviews in Assessments with pre-built templates which directly tie into your Data Inventory.


Pathfinder is your AI governance layer that gives you control and auditability on data going in and out of LLMs.


Documentation and how-to guides for Transcend integrations.


Transcend offers some of the strictest product security measures in the industry.

Privacy Requirements

The latest regulatory and industry privacy requirements you need to be ahead of.

Integration Partners

How to become an integration on Transcend