Welcome to Transcend

Transcend makes it simple for any company to meet today's higher privacy standards. Implementing privacy rights is no small task—our suite of privacy tools do the legwork for you. It all starts with Transcend Privacy Requests.

Transcend Privacy Requests

One of the foremost challenges posed by modern privacy standards is that your users' data does not live in one place. Instead, it's scattered across all manner of sources: in-house data stores, software tools, third-party vendors, and more. Transcend Privacy Requests acts as a layer over these myriad sources (collectively termed "data silos"), managing and coordinating the personal data inside them. Companies can easily plug new data sources into our DPI via an HTTP API or connect software tools from Transcend’s data connection partners via the Admin Dashboard.

We consider Privacy Requests the core of our product. Ever-changing regional requirements and technical complexities make building and maintaining privacy request fulfillment uniquely difficult to do in-house. We built Transcend Privacy Requests so you don't have to.

The Privacy Center

The Privacy Center is the interface your users interact with to exercise their privacy rights. It's a one-stop-shop where users can understand how their data is being used, access/erase/modify their data, view your privacy policy, and set any other privacy preference relevant to personal data. Users simply visit privacy.company.com.

The Privacy Center is divided into three main sections:

  • The Data Practices page is a straightforward visualization for users to understand what data your company collects, how that data is used, and with whom that data is shared.

  • The Take Control page allows users to easily submit a Data Subject Request through a similarly intuitive interface.

  • The Policies page allows users to read your company's privacy policies in full.

Data Subject Requests

A user can submit a Data Subject Request, or DSR, in order to access, erase, modify, or restrict usage of their data in some fashion. Transcend, via its DPI, coordinates DSRs across all your data sources automatically, compiling the result into a unified, easily-readable response that users can view on the Privacy Center. It's worth noting that direct consumers aren't the only possible data subjects; employees, contractors, and other persons under your company's purview are also potential data subjects.

Admin Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard is your company's privacy control panel, sitting at the intersection of your Privacy Center, Privacy Requests, and Consent. The dashboard allows you to finely tune the content and features you provide to your users; everything from aesthetic themes to the types of DSRs you support is fully customizable. It also provides in-depth information about all the DSRs in your automation pipeline, notifying you of any issues that arise so they're quickly resolved.

Transcend Consent

Consent is a client-side Consent Management Platform (CMP) that lets you manage tracking events generated by third-party trackers integrated into your site. With it your site can allow some tracking events, and quarantine others and replay them only if and when your user later consents, at an appropriate place in their user journey. You can also block unwanted tracking events entirely.