Put Privacy on Autopilot

Transcend encodes privacy into your tech stack. Our platform is built to give both legal and engineering a single system that maps complex legal requirements on one side to a complex tech stack on the other.

As privacy requirements and your tech stack rapidly evolve, Transcend keeps you on top. Using a massive catalog of pre-built system connectors, Transcend plugs into every database, SaaS tool, unstructured store, client interface, and codebase to generate a live map of all data and automate all privacy workflows.

This is Transcend's full stack: it powers all privacy operations without ever having access to your systems' API keys or underlying data.

From uncovering new data systems and schema, to capturing and enforcing user opt-outs, to globally deleting and exporting a person's data across your stack, Transcend is built to scale every privacy workflow to complete automation. In fact, each month, Transcend executes millions of global user deletions and governs billions of tracking events across thousands of data systems.

Using the Quickstart guides in these docs, you can get started with any part of Transcend in 15 minutes.

Transcend is extraordinarily connected across your data stack, and that must come with extraordinary security measures. Rather than ask you to simply trust Transcend with your business data, we use a secure-by-design architecture that ensures that Transcend cannot see your data, does not have direct access to your systems, and cannot arbitrarily operate on your data.

We built Sombra as a proxy layer that keeps all of your data end-to-end encrypted. Your data stays between you and your users.

Read more about End-to-End Encryption in Transcend.

Before you can fully govern your data, you first need to know where that data is. Transcend Data Mapping is a live representation of your data systems and their contents.

Transcend Data Mapping discovers and catalogs your data systems and scans and classifies their contents to give you a base-truth representation of the data you collect, how it's used, and where it's going. This is achieved through a suite of pre-built discovery plugins, which continuously scan your client interfaces, codebases, databases, and SaaS tooling, which pass metadata through a machine learning classifier.

Read more about Data Mapping

Transcend Privacy Requests fully handles the end-to-end process of a data subject request: receiving the request, authenticating requestors, running preflight checks to confirm the request can be processed, and executing an export or deletion job across all data systems. It also synchronizes user opt-outs across disparate tooling (such as syncing unsubscribes across email marketing systems).

Transcend Privacy Requests works with every data system. For unstructured stores, like Slack, Transcend scans for personal data and helps you redact messages in bulk.

With Transcend's catalog of pre-built connectors, you can quickly encode these workflows across your backend and vendor stack. They run with precision and can execute autonomously. Unless you have a manual step in your process, such as an admin approval, you can expect Transcend to execute your requests in minutes.

Read more about Privacy Requests

Transcend Consent is a Consent Management Platform (CMP) that captures and enforces user preferences across your frontend stack. When a user opts out of sale, targeted advertising, or has not consented to a purpose for collection, Transcend Consent changes how their data can flow according to easily-set policies.

Consent is not just about cookies—Transcend Consent acts like an egress firewall on your client interfaces—blocking, allowing, and modifying all data emissions according to the user's consent. Transcend Consent also integrates with downstream consent API specs built to preserve anonymous analytics or set data-use restrictions, such as Facebook Limited Data Use and Google Restricted Data Processing.

Read more about the Consent Manager

The Privacy Center is a pre-built and custom-branded interface your end-users interact with to understand their personal data and make choices about it. It's a one-stop-shop where users can understand how their data is being used, access/erase/modify their data, view your privacy policy, and set any other privacy preference relevant to personal data. Users simply visit privacy.company.com.

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The Admin Dashboard is your Transcend control panel, sitting at the hub of all products. It makes it simple for legal and engineering to collaborate on privacy projects through a single easy-to-use interface.

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Check out our Concepts guide to understand the core Transcend data models, terminology, and how systems are mapped into Transcend.