Using Assessments in Tables

A common use case for Assessments is associating a template with a table, so that when a new row gets added to that table an assessment can optionally get added to it directly.

Setting a Row’s Assessment Status As you go through your data inventory for example, you may want to be able to mark which rows need an assessment, and which do not.

You can do this by setting the status to “Required” or “Not Required” from the dropdown menu. The default for this setting can be set in Assessment Attributes.

Creating a New Assessment In-line

If you’d like to create a new assessment inline, simply click the “Create New” item in the dropdown, and the appropriate assessment template will automatically be provided.

Choosing an Existing Assessment

You can also easily search for existing assessments in the search field provided, or scroll down to view recently created assessments. The assessment status will be indicated on the left side of the assessment token, so you’ll get an indication of where it is at in the approval process.

Linking an External Assessment

Lastly you may want to link to an existing assessment outside of Transcend, for this you can choose the “Link to external” option and simply paste in your link.